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Good for the environment, good for your bottomlinegreen-sustainable-mfg

Today there is increasing pressure for almost every manufacturer to go “green”, but what does “going green” really mean? How many of the best-intended grasp the potential impacts, both up and down, to the operations of their organization? Going green is nice, but not if it hinders your ability to compete in the realities of the marketplace.

With the right approach and defined goals, green manufacturing holds potential economic benefits including long-term cost savings, waste reductions and process efficiency improvements.graph1

Why Go Green? Going green can:

  • Actually save money
  • Enhance positive customer image
  • Provide a competitive edge to customers that are environmentally conscious
  • Improve public image
  • Avoid regulatory scrutiny and potential fines
  • Provide a healthy environment for us now and in the future

We’re already ISO 14001 registered. Isn’t that enough?

ISO 14001, the environmental management systems (EMS) standard is a good start. It contains requirements for the prevention of pollution and for continual improvement. ISO 14001 is a base document. That means it should act as a foundation for environmental performance enhancement and Green manufacturing is a natural extension of your EMS.  Each aspect of the MMTC Green Manufacturing program is fully compatible with ISO 14001.

What about all of this talk of CO2 emissions and carbon footprint?

Agree with it or not, CO2 emissions along with other greenhouse gases are being blamed for global climate changes. Governments, businesses and consumers alike are putting increased focus on organizations’ greenhouse gas emissions. MMTC’s Green Manufacturing programs are designed to determine a company’s greenhouse emission footprint, enabling them to take common- and- business sense approaches to reducing their carbon footprint.

Green Manufacturing Overview Sustainable Manufacturing Workshop Carbon Footprint Determination and Reduction
  • Introduction to Green Manufacturing concepts
  • Sustainable manufacturing tools
  • Cost reduction tools through sustainable manufacturing

Phase 1

  • Introduction to sustainable manufacturing tools
  • Cost reduction tools through sustainable manufacturing

Phase 2
Prerequisite - Phase 1

  • Pilot area determined
  • On-site implementation
  • Goals achieved
  • Introduction to Green House Gas (GHG) emissions
  • Introduction of GHG measuring tool
  • Plans for reducing carbon footprint
  • Tools to monitor future GHG emissions

Onsite Consulting

The MMTC offers onsite consulting and assistance to help you become a green manufacturer. Onsite consulting can range from individual or small group training and mentoring to complete implementation projects throughout the facility.

pda For more information on MMTC's Sustainable Manufacturing program, contact us at 888-414-6682 or via email at inquiry@mmtc.org .