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What can ISO 14001 do for my bottomline?

  • Provide plant-wide system focused on maintaining environmental performance, regulatory compliance and waste reduction
  • Reduce environmental costs and risks
  • Provide independent verification
  • Promote green manufacturing awareness
  • Meet requirements for the ISO 14001 International Standard
  • Take advantage of ISO 9001-based quality systems

ISO 14001 is a term used when referring to a series of international standards developed to manage the environmental impact and environmental performance of an organization. The standard is developed and maintained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), an organization that includes representatives from over 100 countries throughout the world.

It is designed to formally bring awareness of the impacts of an organization’s products, services, and processes on the environment. ISO 14001 contains guidelines and requirements for establishing a framework of a company’s environmental management system (EMS).

  • Assess the current state
  • Develop a customized implementation plan
  • Train and assist staff in documentation, policies, procedures and work instructions
  • Internal Auditor Training and Certification
  • Develop a specific action plan and timeline for improving environmental performance

Building an ISO 14001 Program

This three day seminar is designed to help attendees understand the basics of a process-based Environmental Management System, as well as the specifics of the ISO 14001 environmental standard. The intent of the requirements (presented in an easy to understand format) are  thoroughly covered as well  as  typical implementation issues. Attendees will walk away with a full understanding of the aspects and impact requirements. How to prioritize implementation decisions will be addressed, too. Samples of forms and processes are used and a copy of ISO 14001 will be issued to each attendee.

ISO 14001 Internal Auditor Training

Offered as a seminar or onsite; 2-day intensive training; A key element in an ISO 14001 program, internal auditing helps companies assess and maintain conformance to the standard. Internal Auditor training helps to understand how to prepare for certification. MMTC training includes:

  • Overview of ISO 14001 clauses and standards
  • What an Auditor needs to determine
  • How to diagnose conformance and nonconformance
  • Details of the audit process
  • Measurements for implementing corrective action
  • Structured steps for conducting audits
  • Structured sequence of a typical audit through case study exercises and mock audits

ISO 14001 Preparation and Implementation Training Program

A cost-effect alternative to a traditional consultant-based implementation, the MMTC’s Preparation and Implementation training program is designed to help companies leverage internal resources for implementing an EMS with intent to certify. This program is set at a fast pace and is ideal for a company under a deadline.

The program is 7 days of training facilitated by our professional RAB/QSA Certified instructors and is designed to teach your Quality and/or Environmental Team Leaders how to lead, develop, and implement an EMS. Initially, the participants learn the fundamentals of design and use of management systems within a company, providing the foundation for commitment and leadership.

Next, the program focuses on building a compliant ISO 14001-based EMS. Participants work through the requirements by developing processes, procedures, work instructions, and any additional documentation. Each company receives a complete policy manual template to customize their company’s manual, procedures, work instructions and forms. Training for up to 3 internal auditors is included.

Onsite Consulting

The MMTC offers onsite consulting and assistance to implement an EMS. If you have limited resources and need quick results, the MMTC offers direct onsite consulting to meet your business objectives. Onsite consulting can range from training and mentoring projects to complete implementation projects throughout the facility.

pdaFor more information on MMTC's Environmental Management program, contact us at 888-414-6682 or via email at inquiry@mmtc.org.