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Matchmaking Program

Strengthening Michigan’s Manufacturers via Business-to-Business Ties

matchmakingNeed to replace an under-performing supplier? Hoping to find a prototype builder to help you develop a new product idea? Thinking about locating a facility in Michigan, but unsure whether you can find local sources of key inputs or services?

MMTC’s Matchmaking Program can help.

With support from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), MMTC offers search services for companies seeking to improve or expand their supply chains. Whether you are a large OEM or a product inventor, let us know what capabilities or inputs you need to find. We will access a unique set of databases, and hook into our state-wide network of experts, in order to construct a prioritized list of Michigan companies that match your request.

What you do with that list is up to you. We place no restrictions and set no expectations. We just clue you in about some companies that you might never have found on your own.

To access MMTC’s Matchmaking program, email matchmaking@mmtc.org

Who knows? Maybe the supplier of your dreams is located just down the street.