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Total Asset Management for Manufacturers

Total Asset Management for Manufacturers (TAMM) is a methodology which facilitates decision making regarding asset use, acquisition andblocks profitability. TAMM is targeted for companies seeking to understand how to measure and diagnose equipment performance, reliability and maintainability through data analysis. In addition, this information can then be merged with product costing data to identify production improvement opportunities including increased capacity (higher throughput) and profitability with the current assets.

Managers in disciplines of sales, marketing, maintenance, production manufacturing, engineering, finance and information technology can benefit from an understanding of TAMM and its powerful impact in driving smart, innovative business decisions. MMTC offers an introductory seminar covering TAMM and an in-depth mentoring program for team development.


Total Asset Management Training and Implementation

TAMM on-site and in-depth mentoring - 7 days

Delivered on-site involving 56 hours over 4 weeks, TAMM mentoring is ideal for organizations seeking profit-driven marketing and manufacturing strategies. Companies that involve a cross functional dynamic team with representation from sales, marketing, maintenance, production, engineering, finance and information technology gain the most through MMTC TAMM mentoring. The MMTC TAMM mentoring covers:

  • Defining the Opportunities. The mentoring begins with a (1 day) kickoff with a introduction of definitions and terminology, development of asset management goals and objectives, identification of target assets and product families and development of a team mission statement.
  • The second mentoring component (1.5 days) focuses on building the data infrastructure with introduction to Lean manufacturing tools including takt and cycle times, resource allocation, replenishment points, value stream mapping and analysis of equipment reliability. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) components with emphasis on maintainability, reliability and growth analysis complete the session.
  • Analyzing the data base for production improvements is the focus of the 3rd team mentoring session. Over 1.5 days , TAU, moments of excellence, current and potential line capacity with analysis of Total Asset Utilization (TAU) component focal areas are covered along with assessment of process performance including takt and cycle times, resource allocation, replenishment points and layout.
  • Developing Action/Implementation plans (1 day) focuses on the selection of TAU, Process and TPM opportunities with cost-benefit analysis. Definitions of business case and value propositions, assignment of tasks and responsibilities, development of milestones and the establishments of timelines are emphasized.
  • Over 2 days—Analyzing the Database for Profitability Improvements. The mentoring will focus on a case study to provide insight into product and customer analysis. Identify winners and losers through TAU-Product/Customer Cost Profile Analysis and round out with elements of marketing and manufacturing strategies.


 pda For more information about MMTC's Total Asset Management for Manufacturers, contact us at inquiry@mmtc.org.