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Production Preparation Process (3P)lean_calendar

Production Preparation Process (3P) is often referred to as “design for manufacturability”. Starting with a clean development slate, 3P rapidly creates and validates potential product and process designs that require the least time, material, and capital resources. 3P typically results in products with less complexity, are easier to manufacture, and with built-in-quality. 3P designs processes that flow better and utilize simple-right sized equipment that better meet production needs. Organizations engaging in 3P select the best product or process design among multiple alternatives developed from lean techniques.

Manufacturers using 3P...3p3

  • Improve performance of new and existing products and processes
  • Design products and processes right the first time
  • Develop alternatives to meet core customer needs
  • Minimize cost by incorporating lean thinking at the beginning of launch3p1
  • Plan for perfection
  • Report significant reduction in manufacturing costs
  • Challenge big capital expenses
  • Grow within existing footprint and reduce operating expense

The MMTC Production Preparation Process is a 10-day workshop spanning 4-6 weeks and achieves:

  • Transactional launch process to minimize painful errors and delays in a team’s launch cycle
  • New and redeveloped products designed for manufacturability
  • Minimize complexity
  • A focus to eliminate 80% of waste before a product or process commences
  • Total employee involvement
  • Learning to achieve a process prior to launch through extensive planning, mock-up and debugging



Phase 1: Transactional Launch

  • Predictable cost and time associated with multiple launch types
  • An effective team to manage and be accountable to the launch
  • Existing controls are renewed while new controls compliment a new approach
  • Systemic failures identified, exploited and improved
  • Creation of parallel activities
  • Achieveable delivery dates are established



Phase 2: Function and Value Analysis

  • Simple “quick look” value engineering knowledge
  • Ability to systematically exploit material and process as a means to reduce cost
  • Eliminate costly over designs and meet customer requirements the first time
  • Ability to compete in new markets



Phase 3: Process Preparation

  • Process designed using lean criteria
  • Multiple design alternatives and extensive analysis of options to select the best overall system
  • An extensive planning process addressing systemic support
  • A process which proves capability through mock-ups and refinement activities
  • Safety, quality, delivery and cost built into the process
  • Target flexibility from 20% to 400%


pdaFor more information about MMTC's Production Preparation Process program, contact us at 888-414-6682 or via email at inquiry@mmtc.org.