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Lean Sigma Healthcare Executive  

Leadership Training is the cornerstone for success when implementing a Business Operating System that is based on Lean thinking.plan

A Lean Executive approach reduces risks, provides a process for decision-making, prioritizes goals, formulates action plans and establishes an example for the entire organization.  MMTC’s Lean Healthcare Executive workshop provides a prioritized transformation plan for achieving significant and sustainable business operating improvements while acknowledging the business case, costs and challenges to implementation.

Assessment and Benchmarking  

Prior to participation in the Lean Healthcare Executive workshop, each organization will take part in a benchmarking activity which includes an on-site assessment. This unbiased assessment process provides a clear understanding of the organization’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for developing a road map for improvement. Each healthcare organization uses the assessment data and information acquired during the workshop to develop a strategic transformation plan with project identification.


What is LEAN Performance?

  • Developing Strategic Priorities in a heathcare setting
  • Aligning your goals with those of your customers
  • Establishing strategy, value, and foundation
  • Developing a strategic performance improvement plan
  • Aligning opportunities and resources
  • Participating in a hands-on simulation to illustrate waste and inefficiency in a healthcare organization

How Lean Performance is Achieved?

  • Agreeing on Business Priorities and Goals
  • Applying Lean Principles to Business Objectives
  • Understanding the Executive’s Role
  • Identifying Types of Waste
  • Making the Commitment and Allocating Resources to Implement Executive Lean decisions
  • Knowing the Cross-functional Relationships in a Lean Environment

Results of Lean Performance

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction of both patient and staff
  • Improved information flow through the reduction in transactional redundancies and errors
  • Improved delivery performance
  • Reduced patient waiting time
  • Reduced service delivery costs
  • Improvement in the allocation of resources

3-4 weeks prior to the workshop, MMTC conducts an on-site assessment and develops a prioritized transformation plan.

pdaFor more information on MMTC's Lean Sigma Healthcare Executive program, contact us at 888-414-6682 or via email at inquiry@mmtc.org.