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Lean Sigma Healthcare

Strategic Business Solutions for the Lean Healthcare Executive

Leadership alignment is the cornerstone for success when implementing a Business Operating System that is based on Lean thinking. An aligned approach  reduces risk, provides a process for decision-making, prioritizes goals, formulates an action plan and establishes an example for the entire organization.

MMTC’s Lean Healthcare Executive workshop provides a prioritized transformation plan for achieving significant and sustainable business operating improvements while acknowledging the business case, costs and challenges to implementation.

Benchmarking and Assessment

Prior to participation in the Lean Healthcare Executive workshop, each organization will take part in a benchmarking activity which includes an on-site assessment, interviews with key managerial personnel and an all-employee survey. This unbiased assessment provides a clear understanding of the organization’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. for developing a road map for improvement. Each healthcare organization uses the assessment data coupled with the information acquired during the workshop to develop a strategic transformation plan which includes a prioritized project list.

Lean Sigma Healthcare Champion

A significant portion of healthcare cost increases is due to operational inefficiency. Healthcare professionals have control of this factor. Inefficiency can be measured and changes implemented to improve quality. The implementation of a Lean Sigma approach can provide more affordable and better healthcare for a large percentage of the population.

The MMTC’s Lean Sigma Healthcare Champion is a comprehensive training program created especially for healthcare organizations. This program is vital for anyone who is serious about revolutionizing their healthcare organization. Each participant will learn many lean tools, along with how and where to apply them, to improve aspects of organizational performance and quality.

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