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Leadership-in-Action Innovative Strategic Planning



3-Day Executive Level Hands-on Workshop Focused On Leading Change

Leadership is the cornerstone for every successful change effort. Research clearly indicates that effective leadership is a prerequisite for driving  successful change initiatives. Without it, improvement efforts exhibit a very high failure rate.



MMTC focuses on:

Organizational  Performance

  • Learn what drives organizational performance
  • Optimize the role of executive leadership
  • Learn how engagement drives performance
  • Develop metrics to measure performance
  • Implement improvements that really do improve bottom-line performance and enhance top-line growth position
  • Align opportunities with resources

Create a Culture of Improvement and Innovationkotterquote

  • Develop a sense of urgency within
  • Create a vision of your future state
  • Develop an integrated implementation plan
  • Promote innovation
  • Communicate the vision and plan
  • Use proven leadership techniques applied to business best practices—and get started
  • Get your management team involved and all rowing in the same direction—as a team
  • Get your workforce engaged
  • Make a public commitment to the change effort
  • Then walk your talk

Expect Results

  • Lead your change effort more effectively
  • Help your workforce contribute more to your organization’s performance and profits
  • Create more efficient manufacturing processes
  • Create more efficient office processes 
  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Create better costing and quoting models
  • Understand where and how waste occurs
  • Increase capacity within your existing footprint
  • Improve overall equipment effectiveness
  • Market more effectively
  • Save money using green resource management

Focus on Leadership and Business Domains

Organizational performance is influenced by numerous factors. MMTC divides these factors into two distinct domains; business and leadership. The domains rely on inputs and levels of expertise eitherdomains present or deficient within the organization. MMTC’s  detailed analysis of both domains clearly identifies strengths and weaknesses within.

On-Site Client Assessment

Led by experienced MMTC team members, an unbiased and objective two-day assessment is conducted on-site. It involves interviews with key managers, survey of all employees, a facility tour and validation of information provided.  A full assessment report is written based on the  findings and  post-assessment “report-out” is shared on-site with the management  team.

Workshop Outcome = Action Plan

reportoutOn the final day, each company uses the assessment data, knowledge shared and information acquired during the 3-day workshop to develop a strategic implementation plan. Each plan will include  the identified  assessment opportunities, capabilities needed to address each opportunity, required resource allocation, responsible manager assignment  and a timeline with due dates.  The who, what and when needed is defined to make sustainable improvements at  the company.


2014 Training Dates
October 14-16
December 2-4


For more information about MMTC's Leadership-in-Action program, contact us at 888-414-6682 or via email at inquiry@mmtc.org.