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Solution Selling®


These are only a few reasons sales managers are giving for lack of new sales, lack of prospecting and lack of planning.

Remember when the “art of sales” was enough? Salespeople were more or less account managers, happily taking orders from eager customers. 

Those days are over. 

The Science of Sales

The MMTC helps you learn the “Science of Sales”, giving you the ability to:

  • Align the sales process with the buying process
  • Initiate “High Value” conversations with prospects
  • Forecast sales performance based on a sales process
  • Up-sell through creating relationships at all levels of a prospect and much more…

Solution Selling® represents a commitment to change selling behavior so that the right things will be accomplished in the right manner at the right time, all resulting in increased performance and revenues. Solution Selling® can be the catalyst to developing and maintaining a high performance sales culture. It can provide the foundation for integration of not only sales and sales management, but include the important functions of marketing and corporate management.


During a Solution Selling® workshop, sales professionals and sales managers will:

  • Learn why successful sellers, including the best of the best, are committed to a process for selling and will learn how to execute using the same process.
  • Develop skills in using key sales tools and job aids that drive opportunities through the process.
  • Practice the key selling skills used by top revenue producers.
  • Learn how to “change the rules” of the game in competitive situations
  • Learn how to increase the accuracy of predicting revenue flow.
  • Learn the key points needed to negotiate and close business.

MMTC offers the comprehensive Solution Selling® Sales Process Implementation for clients seeking a completely new vision and approach to selling, or the Sales Execution Workshop for those simply looking to sharpen or refresh sales skills of their team.

In today’s tough business climate, you need every possible advantage... differentiate yourself from the competition with Solution Selling®

pdaFor more information about MMTC's Solution Selling® program, contact us at 888-414-6682 or via email at inquiry@mmtc.org.