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Market Intelligence and Research



  • Who are the key players in the market?
  • What type of customers should we be targeting?
  • What is the potential for market growth in this market?
  • How do I grow my current customer base?
  • What do our customers think about our products?
  • How loyal are our customers to our products and about us as a supplier?
  • What are the top markets for a company with our capabilities?
  • Out of those potential markets, which are the best three for us to focus on?

But small and medium-sized companies often lack the budget to acquire the critical information and the skilled staff to analyze it. MMTC's research services staff subscribes to a wide variety of proprietary databases and knows how to use them to help target new customers and better understand your competitors.

In the past decade, the volume of information available has burgeoned to the point of being overwhelming. Our team finds and extracts only the information you need most, using the approach that gets you the most useful information at the lowest cost.

We extract and analyze data from multiple sources to help you identify promising markets and customers, and qualify and develop lists of priority customer leads. We also do customized surveys to help you understand how your customers perceive your performance.

MMTC can mix and match our approaches to fit most companies’ needs and budgets. Depending on your wants and the time and resources needed to satisfy them, MMTC’s market research projects can range from as little as $3,000 to more than five times that much. The table below shows some illustrative projects and costs.

mirpic1MMTC can mix and match our approaches to fit most companies' needs and budgets.

Depending on your wants, time and resources needed to satisfy them, MMTC's market research projects can range from as little as $3,000 to more than five times that much.


Project Cost What Client Wanted to Know What Client Got
Estimate size and gauge growth potentional of plastic card market $4,500 40 person business card printer not growing and wanted to understand the plastic card (e.g., hotel keycards) market. How large? Growing how fast and in which segments? Price points? Profile of market, overall and by segment. Forecast of future growth by segment. How to sell into that market, include website revision advice. Result: plastic cards > 10% of sales within 6 months.
Narrow focus for growth campaign $5,300 30 employee machine rebuilder wanted to get beyond current customers Narrowed target markets down from 10 to 3, generated list of buyers in those three by region. By driving those buyers to revised website, RFQs from web leads increased 300%
Develop qualified prospective customer list $6,800 35 person show down to 15 because of loss of business; wanted a prioritized list of prospective customers Three markets selected, and 175 customer list generated. Website tweaked to appeal to companies on list. Email campaign to list led to 75% increase in website traffic and 80% increase in quoting activity in first year.
Gauge customer satisfaction with company and its products $4,800 30 employee conveyor builder wanted to know what its customers and prospective customers value in conveyors and how they rated it as a supplier. Custom-built survey developed with client found surprising perferences among many customers and pointed to their view that the client was not well regarded on some features that customers valued the most.


Database Research Customer Surveys

The MMTC research team subscribes to proprietary databases and online search tools to create a clear picture of the markets you serve or seek to serve.

  • Overall market size and growth potential
  • Key OEM's and suppliers
  • Geographic distribution of customers and competitors
  • Industry regulations and trends
  • Distribution channels
  • Pre-screened lists of target customers

Online surveys and indepth telephone interviewing help you understand your customers and anticipate their needs.

  • Measure customer satisfaction
  • Understand awareness and perceptions of your company and its products compared to competitors
  • Identify improvement opportunities
  • Gauge customer demand for your new products
  • Target marketing messages to customers

pdaFor more information about MMTC's Market Intelligence and Research program, contact us at 888-414-6682 or via email at inquiry@mmtc.org.