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Fraser, MI
132 employees

Meet AS 9100 certification to retain existing sales

30% increase in revenue with retention of aerospace customers

Visioneering has been providing the aerospace industry with high-quality design and engineered concepts. Visioneering, located in Macomb County, Michigan)  has evolved since its start in 1953 into a full-service provider offering integrated program management, design, engineering, CNC machining and manufacturing. The company supports some of the most advanced design and build concepts, while meeting the strict requirements of both commercial and military aviation. MMTC recently helped Visioneering prepare for their AS 9100 certification audit with custom training and mentoring. Visioneering was given the green light after their first registrar review.

Brian Becker*, Continuous Improvement Manager commented, “MMTC certainly differed from my experience with other training and consulting organizations where instructors demonstrate academic knowledge but don’t always transmit that knowledge into practical skills. It’s clear that MMTC has real world experience, and that helped our employees convert classroom concepts to capable skill sets that were deployed throughout our processes.”

Mark Strandquist*, former Visioneering CEO, is pleased with the results. “I am amazed how the MMTC staff delivered (their) training. We would not have been able to do this transformation without the level of expertise provided by the MMTC. We credit our partnership as an important piece to the Visioneering improvement story. MMTC came in, told us how it was, and then provided the experience to help us follow through on training and make lasting, sustainable improvements.” Visioneering anticipates that securing the AS 9100 certification will open more opportunities for quoting on contracts.

*In the fall of 2010, Brian Becker and Mark Strandquist joined Dokka Fasteners which selected Auburn Hills, Michigan (Oakland County) for the opening of their new US manufacturing operations. They continue to utilize MMTC services.

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