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Success Story

Jeff Wyatt, President and CEO of VenchursVenchurs, Inc.

Adrian, MI
150 employees

Pictured: Jeff Wyatt, President and CEO

Communicating the long term strategic plan throughout all levels of the company

Enhanced retention of customers and increased new sales

Venchurs is located in Adrian, Michigan (Lenawee County) and provides a full range of supply chain management services for automotive, agriculture and construction Original Equipment Manufacturers, including logistics, inventory management, order processing and other value added services.

Jeff Wyatt heads the company whose client roster reads like a Who’s Who of the transportation industry. He is an avid scholar of business leadership and a proponent of Hoshin Kanri strategy development and deployment. The Hoshin process fits within the Venchurs philosophy of lean management. The plan-do-check-act continuous improvement cycle is an iterative process where the team reviews the plan’s goals, implementation and progress.

“Working with the MMTC allowed our leadership team to better our data gathering and communication processes. In today’s business environment, learning and continuous improvement is crucial. Sharing actionable data with our employees, at all levels, allows them to see what to improve and the progress of their efforts. In strategic planning we take a hard look at where we stand in the market plus our enterprise goals, and then define where we want to be. These improvement goals are not easy to achieve, but setting them at the required levels makes us focus. Sure, we could have set lower, easier-to-achieve targets to make us feel good, but the marketplace doesn’t allow for that. Working with MMTC sharpened our skills, and we’re a better company for it.”


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