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Midwest Mold Services Inc.

Roseville MI
39 employees

Pictured: John Hill, President and CEO

Lessen dependence on automotive sector by securing new business in new sectors

Secured $800,000 in new, non-automotive business from the website

Midwest Mold, located in Roseville Michigan, is a full service plastic injection mold building company and supplier of low volume plastic parts. Launched in 1994, Midwest Mold like many other Michigan manufacturers began as a small business led by someone with the technical knowledge to produce high quality products. “Our company grew out of the excessive demand for our expertise. We never had to look for customers. They looked for us. Now, I’ve had to learn to be pro-active in marketing which is something I never expected,” says John Hill, President and CEO.

Midwest Mold Featured in MoldMaking Technology MagazineMidwest Mold was one of the first companies to go through MMTC’s Market Diversification program. The company has also invested in a new website from MMTC. Over twelve months, the website brought in opportunities to bid and secure roughly $800,000 in new business. Hill says that before getting a website, he viewed their web presence as an online brochure and not much else. Now, however, he recognizes the benefit a website brings by serving as a sales tool that isn’t limited by geography. Both of the two major jobs that came through website inquiries were from customers located well outside of Midwest Mold’s traditional sales territory. Despite the expansion of presence that their website brings, John’s loyalty and passion rests with providing domestic tooling and Midwest is not selling overseas. As Hill puts it, “There are a lot of people asking for lower cost offshore tooling. Is that what we’re doing as an industry? No, it’s just not who I am. Our investments in marketing, website and upgraded equipment have kept us competitive and the domestic market will continue to be our focus.”

The optimized website is currently bringing in three to four qualified leads a month and all inquiries end up in Hill’s inbox where he sorts through them and responds personally to the qualified leads. Using their custom cost model, Midwest Mold can accurately quote jobs to be sure that there is profit involved. However, as Hill stated, “quoting is not free, quoting costs you money every time.” That’s why Hill pre-qualifies website leads to be sure that only the real possibilities go through. Says Hill, “The deep recession of 2008 through 2009 caused our organization to re-evaluate the type of business we can afford to bring into the  shop. I’m no longer willing to “feed-the-beast” and bid on low margin business to keep the machines running. Our business position with 30 fulltime employees is good but I’m still cautious that lingering excess capacity in our industry could cause pricing pressures and we need to be smart about managing costs and profits.”

In addition to the new website, MMTC took Midwest Mold through the Market Diversification program. Through this program, MMTC “educated us in the industries we were considering as a customer base and helped us narrow it down,” Hill added. “Pursuing certain markets would require additional investment in tooling or machinery, we went for the low hanging fruit first.” Three years ago, 100% of Midwest Mold’s business was in the automotive industry; today, it is 82% automotive. Midwest Mold and MMTC have worked well together throughout the last three years. Notes Hill, “the educational training, resources and system of prospecting for new accounts were the most valuable things that came from working with MMTC. These were most helpful, not just for the diversification aspect, but for the core business as well. The investment in website optimization proved itself through actual awarded revenue.” He also said that “the access to resources that are available to Michigan businesses was an incredible find through the MMTC. I had no knowledge that there was an organization like this.”

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