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KC Jones Plating Companykcjonesbrian

Warren MI
65 employees

Pictured: Brian Harrick, Vice President of Operations and Sales

Increase sales among non-automotive clients

Increased by 30‐40% of low volume high mix automotive and non-automotive work

Headquartered in Warren, Michigan with 65 employees, KC Jones Plating Company is among the most experienced and versatile metal finishing operations in North America, providing surface protection and enhancement to the engineering properties of ferrous and nonferrous materials.

Brian Harrick, Vice President of Operations and Sales states, “Our work with MMTC on the customer diversification front including website optimization has been very fruitful. Our web inquiries have grown and we have been quite successful in securing new business outside of our traditional customer base. We’re tracking our quotes and win rates. Direct original equipment automotive business is now only 85% of our business portfolio, in 2007 it was 95%.”

“With help from the MMTC we’ve learned how positioning our website with keywords and it has directly increased our traffic. We use our website analytics to check who’s looking at our site and what they are searching for and for how long. Reaching out to these potential clients has netted us more than 30% of quoted wins with new customers and 40% of quoted wins from non‐automotive work. Utilizing the MMTC costing model has allowed us to be competitive in low volume high mix orders, where in the past we were only successful in winning high volume orders. And the model allows us to quote business within 24 hours, which I feel provides us a distinct competitive advantage. More than $1.2 million dollars of business has been won accounting for 20% of our business,” per Harrick.

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