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The Cardinal Group Success Story


Hillsdale MI
60 employees

Pictured: Tracy McCullough, President and CEO

Retaining customer sales and developing new sales leads

25% volume increase in new business

Tracy McCullough, President/CEO of The Cardinal Group often talks about the “profound impact of MMTC’s diversification training. It really opened our eyes to the wealth of resources that are readily available to help identify markets and customers that currently utilize our core product range. MMTC provided us with the tools through which we could effectively access the new markets.”

The Cardinal Group has evolved from simply machining components to become a comprehensive source of service and support. The Cardinal Group serves a wide range of industries, including the primary markets of automotive, truck, appliance, electronics and lawn and garden.

“With MMTC guidance, we realized that most sales and marketing activities could be handled internally, which was a huge cost savings,” McCullough continued. “Applying the MMTC tools, we have generated new leads from existing and new customers. We’ve re-acclimated our core product range and capabilities with those who know us, and opened a dialogue with new customers. We anticipate a volume increase of 25 percent through new business. MMTC packed the required tools and training together to develop and deploy an effective sales and marketing strategy into a short course. It worked great for us.”

2013 Update

The Cardinal Group (TCG) is a fully integrated precision machining supplier of screw machining, CNC machining, precision grinding, secondary machining, surface finishing/plating and assemblies. TCG serves customers automotive, appliance, truck, electronics and lawn and garden markets and sectors. Over the past 60 years, The Cardinal Group has evolved from simply machining components to become a comprehensive source of service and support for our customers. Located in Hillsdale, Michigan (Hillsdale County), TCG has turned to the MMTC on numerous occasions since 2010 for assistance in identifying and solving key business concerns. Company President and CEP was asked to provide client reference feedback to a potential client of MMTC.

Here’s what she shared:

The Cardinal Group (TCG) has worked with the MMTC on a number of projects (LEAN, 5S, Spatial Planning, and Strategic Planning and the scope of each engagement was specific to that which we were targeting to accomplish.

Our experience with the MMTC is that if you are specific about what you are looking to accomplish through your project (well-defined project scope), are realistic about your organization's expectations in terms of out-comes (our project outcomes have typically exceeded our front-end expectations), and the level of commitment/engagement is there on the part of your organization (specifically, that management fully supports the changes required to sustain the project), then the MMTC is an invaluable resource and will dedicate the expertise required to facilitate and accomplish your targets while transferring the knowledge to your in-house personnel who will ultimately be responsible/accountable to execute the plan.

Our experience has been that we are able to then apply the same approach and concepts learned through the MMTC pilot project to other areas of our organi-zation to affect the company-wide changes you are looking to implement.

For TCG, THAT is the goal: to look to the MMTC experts to assist us in determining/developing/deploying the best practice process/solution for achieving an end given our specific application, and transferring that process knowledge to our internal team. Our team is then responsible and accountable not only to execute that process but to take those lessons learned through the project and identify other areas throughout the organization to which that approach and those lessons learned can be applied.

In short, the MMTC has been an invaluable resource for TCG on a number of fronts. We have utilized and will continue to leverage their expertise/experience regularly. If further questions, feel free to contact me.

On a related note, The Cardinal Group is a growing international machined component manufacturer that has more than tripled its sales volume over the course of the past 3 years. It bears mentioning as our team fully acknowledges the MMTC's influence on the TCG's approach to market and operations and subsequent sales growth...suffice it to say that the MMTC has been an integral part of the TCG's path to achieving the successes we have had and we will continue to look to them when it comes to solution seeking specific to our application.

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