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Michigan Manufacturing Success Stories

t aluminumblanking

Challenge: Improve alignment of company resources to drive operational improvements and regain market share
Result: Employee engagement and increased capacity helped secure a new customer contract in a new niche stainless steel market worth $1.6 million more


Challenge: Retaining customer sales and developing new sales leads
25% volume increase in new business more

t cherryrepublic

t demmer


t dokka

Challenge: After a desicion to locate their manufacturing facility in Michigan, needed assistance and mentoring to achieve a fluid operational launch and establish a strategic plan
Result: Achieved accelerated 15 month operational launch date and established an 18-month strategic plan more

t excelna

Challenge: Enability to streamline office operations causing supply chain bottlenecks
Result: Streamlining inefficiencies and significant improvements in supply chain management has netted a reduction in $400K of inventory more

t harada

t highlite

t hillsdaleterminal

Challenge: Reduced customer demand and increasing costs of printed catalogs
Result: Establishment of a web-based catalog saving $1200 in costs and an increase in online sales of 25% more


Challenge: Increase sales among non-automotive clients
Increased by 30-40% of low volume high mix automotive and non-automotive work more

t koproducts

Challenge: Reposition company website to support, promote and validate expertise to new customers in new markets
Result: Increased web traffic from 6-10 a week to 50-100 hits per week and saved $20,000 to reinvest in business  more

t marquettemeat

Challenge: Develop a company website to further grow the business and expand outreach to new customers
Result: Website visits increased 84%, unique website visitors increased 73%. Overall increase in awareness through website has driven more in‐store traffic and phone orders resulting in an annual sales increase between 10‐15% more

t mcclures

t misugar


Challenge: Lessen dependence on automotive sector by securing new business in new sectors
: Secured $800,000 in new, non-automotive business from the website more

t monroe environmental

Challenge: Reposition company website to support, promote and validate expertise to new customers in new markets
Result: Sales up 400-500% in 2010, with anticipated sales of $15M for 2012 more

t omega plastics

Challenge: Develop a strategic plan to diversify customer base from 90% automotive
Result: Implemented production efficiencies and new market strategies to diversify customer base into medical device and consumer packaging more


Challenge: Efficiently increase production throughput to meet new order demand
Result: Reduced production time per garment by 35 minutes more


Challenge: Decrease production time to compete with off shore low-cost countries
Result: Lowered production costs resulting in 48% of sales from outside North America more

t tawaspowdercoating
Challenge: Dependent on a few customers without tools to promote their expertise in the marketplace
Result: Acquiring the tools to expand the market, 35% increase in powder coating buisness and 40% increase in plating business in 6 months more

t team1

Challenge: Understanding the risk of relying on a few customers for over 25% of their operating dollars
Result: A new website and social media tools validated capabilities to broader audience and secured five new automotive customers more


Challenge: Identify, quantify and prioritize operational improvement opportunities
: Significant reductions in work in process, manufacturing footprint and product defects more

t vantageplastics

Challenge: Aligning senior management and employees on a cultural path of continuous improvement and innovation
Result: Developed an 18 month strategic plan with aligned vision and increased profitablity by $127,000 more


Challenge: Communicating the long term strategic plan throughout all levels of the company
Enhanced retention of customers and increased new sales more


Challenge: Meet AS 9100 certification to retain existing sales
30% increase in revenue with retention of aerospace customers more


Challenge: Efficiently increase production throughput to meet new customer orders
Result: Savings and cost avoidance total of $5.6 million more