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Traverse City, MI

Tellurex Corporation

Tellurex Corporation

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Discover the Possibilities Tellurex Corporation is a full service thermal management solutions provider utilizing solid state thermoelectric heat pumping devices. Tellurex’s experienced team provides heat pumping systems consulting, engineering, design, and contract assembly. Tellurex designs around and sells from a selection of over 60 customizable standard thermoelectric module configurations and has capabilities to design and manufacture custom thermoelectrics to meet customer needs. Discover how Tellurex thermoelectrics provide precise temperature control and heat removal in places and situations that traditional compressor based refrigeration simply cannot achieve. Powered By Possibilities Tellurex Corporation provides systems consulting, engineering, design, contract assembly and products utilizing the power generation phenomenon of thermoelectric modules known as the Seebeck effect. The conversion of heat directly into electricity can be achieved utilizing Tellurex technology, expertise, products and devices.

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